"Life is a gift which we choose how to wrap. Circumstance need not determine your attitude, nor hinder your capability. The most heinous acts of depravity nor eyes filled with unforgettable loss can stop the human spirit which desires better."

"Lucky Me is a story based on real life events told through the eyes of a child raised in the South Bronx. The word poverty, at times, seems inadequate. Sleeping in stairwells that offered a semblance of protection on mattresses that others had discarded must be welcome memories when compared to the other tragic events this child endured."

"But do not feel sorry for him; for he will have none of your pity. Do not judge his father, for you have not walked in his shoes. Do not think that this is a childhood for which he can brag. But do believe in the human spirit that helped him escape into a better life."

-Chuck Livecchi