Our Vision
To motivate, support and inspire our community through a social platform by bringing awareness through dialogue.

Our Mission
We want to reflect our community and spark a seed for change. Through our stories and those of our guest’s we hope to motivate, inspire and help our community grow and prosper. We believe that through our struggles, joy and pain we can plant the seeds of change and hope where there is already promise and more importantly where none exists. We speak on serious issues as well as discuss events, sports and community news and do so by incorporating laughter, a bit of craziness and a whole lot of shenanigans!

Meet the Crew


Julio Jordan: Life aficionado. Funny but in a very serious way (unlike a clown). The truth seeker. Optimistically pessimistic. For fun I wrestle wildebeests in the frozen tundra. When I’m alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall and in the back of mind, I hear my conscious call. An urban suburban walking on a country road. So efficient, I once finished “5 Minute Abs” in just under 3 minutes. So effective, I can effectively affect the effect of affection. On a more serious note, someone who wants to leave this world a little better than I found it!


Ricardo Nieves:Life Whisperer. I tend to momentarily shock the world with my smile as I whisper sweet nothings into a squirrels ear. For fun I get drunk and laugh at my friend wrestle wildebeest in a frozen tundra.... on Skype that is! Inside my soul because my soul is cold one half of me deserves to be this way till I'm old. In the concrete jungle trying not to step on cracks for the sake of my mother. So illusive I made a chicken chase me for 5 minutes but caught me in 3. So impulsive I slapped an effective person who thought he had affection, now hes reflecting on my impulsive reaction. On a serious note....everything I just said is more true than me traveling the world twice and meeting everyone once.


  • Hosted by: Julio Jordan and Ricardo Nieves
  • Created by: Lucky Cesar Media Group
  • Executive Producers: Lexington Federal Credit Union and Udicci
  • Music by: Ricardo Nieves for Pitch Control Productions
  • Graphic Design by: Adrian Franco for Premium Rendition
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Disclaimer:The views and opinions expressed on this show are those of the host's and guest's and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of our affiliates, sponsors, mother's and father's! Furthermore, our views and opinions may cause you to think, act and inspire others to do good....or not! We promise to sometimes swear (just a little), indulge in adult themed beverages, humor and dialogue and at times we may offend someone or everyone....but never deliberately. If you don't like what you hear but still listen, find the nearest rock and hit yourself because that won't make a whole lot of sense either!

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Lucky Me

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